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About Us

The idea came about during a Mindstate ideation sprint with the WHO, Cornell Tech, the Technion, and Ichilov Hospital during the winter of 2020. The objective was to create a solution that allows patients to carry personalized health information in a way that can be accessed at any and all times. After the competition, the team decided to pursue this opportunity as a non profit to make an impact and improve the health of millions of refugees.

Univie collects essential medical records of vulnerable populations prior to their arrival in refugees' camps. Medical records are collected on mobile devices using localized intelligent medical questionnaires. They are stored in secure and compliant cloud records using biometric authentication methods. Transparency and trust are guaranteed by blockchains used to track all transaction (access and edits). Interoperability with existing EMRs used in refugees' camps reduce the learning curve by care providers.

We provide access to medical records and previous conditions allowing medical professionals in camps to prioritize treatment, quickly providing medications to people with existing conditions and minimizing the spread of transmittable diseases. Digital PHRs are accessible when refugees are moving between camps or countries and can be accessed anywhere by both medical professionals and patients, thereby contributing to healthcare literacy, improving timely medical care, and providing the WHO with actionable insights that may prevent future disease spread. 

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